Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brazilian Knots Training Class in New Jersey on February 26 2017


Updates to our Brazilian knots training class are available. Try to make it to this class because the next one may not be for a while. Future dates will be announced here as we have the availability. Please check back often. Welcome to our CEO Natural Fusion(SM) hair extensions training.  Again, the time is now to learn these Brazilian knots techniques as taught by us. The only way to ensure strand by strand hair extensions last up to 6 months, and 12 months with maintenance: learn our world wide sought after permanent Brazilian knots technique- sign up today!
We have informed Brazilian knots graduates to advise their clients not to leave their Brazilian knots in their hair over 6 months. Yes, it is tempting to leave them in as long as possible because it is a natural process, feels natural, and stays with the hair strands until the wearer decides to take them out.

On February 26 2017 you will learn the:
  • correct positioning of the thread
  • correct positioning of the extension hair
  • correct angle to introduce the hair strands onto clients hair
  • the wrist action involved for continuous feed and no stops and starts
  • most importantly, how to properly feed the elastic thread to give your clients those very long lasting results!
  • learn how to safely remove the thread

We are doing great things- join the revolution!

Learn from CEO Natural Fusion(SM) the right way to install Brazilian knots- maximum freedom with styling options for your clients.  Business class staying power your clients can depend on- give confidence, and trust in your business class Brazilian knots training.  Be a part of a higher class- business class Brazilian knots training: CEO Natural Fusion(SM) Brazilian knots, the pioneer in this industry.

That's not all...

Join us for training this upcoming class on the 26th and get 50% off training. Brazilian knot thread, and business class Brazilian remy hair included. Join the revolution to learn Brazilian knots done the most superior method that keep clients coming back to you again and again and again!
Sign up today- we've created an exception code for you that will expire on February 26 2017.

Be a part of a growing brand that will help you to grow.  Remember, cheaper is not always better- don't get stuck in a rut when high class clients expect more. Learn and be proud of the brand that trained you.  Get higher paying clientele today.

Sign up today and add the following coupon code to your shopping cart, in addition to the already running hair extension sale and get an additional 20% off. This is over and above the 51% off with this special exception from us to you to register for the class. CODE: feb - use it on any of our training option pages including:

CEO Natural Fusion(SM) Brazilian Knots, CEO Girl(SM)! are worldwide recognized brands of our technique and Business Class hair.

 Additional Brazilian knots installs with straight/wavy hair textures:

Additional Brazilian Knots installed with coarse/kinky curly hair textures:

Training is available to individual stylists, salons, and newbies- no hassle training.

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