Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brazilian Knots Training

Offering Brazilian knots training- permanent and temporary techniques to women, men, from all walks of life- CEO Natural Fusion(SM) hair extensions training.  The time is now to learn the Brazilian knots technique as taught the only way to ensure strand by strand hair extensions last up to 6 months, and 12 months with maintenance: learn our world wide sought after permanent Brazilian knots technique- sign up today!

Back in the day,  a large number of people were getting what was passing for Brazilian knots installed at braid shops and hair salons. Installation looked pretty most of the time however the method used caused their clients a lot of misery.  Some methods used braids while others did not, however positioning is another important feature of Brazilian knots that was neglected.

Within a month their clients were losing strands and by two months a third of their extensions had already fallen out.  Their unfortunate clients were afraid to manipulate their hair so as not to lose any more hair.  Unfortunately also, those installers not only refused removal service, but more importantly installed them the wrong way.

Learn the right method, and the best positioning for Brazilian knots.  Learn how to safely remove the thread.  We are doing great things- join the revolution!

To encourage you to take your next step sign up for classes, get training, and pay later.  That's right- pay later.  In one week your training cost will be paid for, and you still get up to four months to pay in full.

Learn from CEO Natural Fusion(SM) the right way to install Brazilian knots- maximum freedom with styling options for your clients.  Business class staying power your clients can depend on- give confidence, and trust in your business class Brazilian knots training.  Be a part of a higher class- business class Brazilian knots training: CEO Natural Fusion(SM) Brazilian knots, the pioneer in this industry.

That's not all...

Sign up for training this month and get 50% off training.  Brazilian knot thread and Business Class Brazilian remy hair included.  Join the revolution to learn Brazilian knots done the most superior method and correct positioning that will keep clients coming back to you again and again and again!

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Be a part of a growing brand that will help you to grow.  Remember, cheaper is not always better- don't get stuck in a rut when high class clients expect more.  Learn and be proud of the brand that trained you.  Get higher paying clientele today.

...Wait that's not all...

Get added to our prestigious directory under your state, plus a certificate of completion with our brand CEO Natural Fusion(SM).  Be a CEO Girl!  Did we mention remy Brazilian hair is included?  Join the revolution!

Sign up today: http://www.remyhairsales.com/brazilian-knots-licensing.html

CEO Natural Fusion(SM) Brazilian Knots, CEO Girl(SM)! are worldwide recognized brands of our technique and Business Class hair.

 Additional Brazilian knots installs with straight/wavy hair textures:

Additional Brazilian Knots installed with coarse/kinky curly hair textures:

Training is available to individual stylists, salons, and newbies- no hassle training.